Mekong Bug Invasion

As the above picture suggests, staying on the Mekong in Nakhon Phanom was absolutely beautiful and very relaxing. The first few days of my stay in April were sunny but not real hot with a great breeze flowing off the Mekong to the balcony. Then it got humid and the bugs invaded.

One night about day four into the stay we came home from the family farm and I saw a small writhing white mass on the balcony. Upon closer inspection it was a tangle of insects with big white wings. As time moved on their numbers grew until the entire balcony floor was covered with them. And where there be bugs there be frogs…thousands of them. Singing happy songs all night long while they feasted on their own version of a Thai BBQ.

As you can see the next morning there were piles of dead bugs to brush aside on the balcony. When I went into town later that morning I was astonished to see huge piles of bugs being swept up everywhere by a rather large workforce of Thai’s that work for the city. They were filling 55 gallon drums and big trucks with the carcasses of the little critters.

As soon as they appeared they disappeared after a day. I thought it was odd that they only lasted that long but I was happy to have the balcony back at night. After a few days of being lulled into a false sense of relaxation they returned with a vengeance for 2 days and then promptly disappeared again for the rest of my stay.

Staying right on the Mekong is definitely the way to go in Nakhon Phanom but there are certain tradeoffs to consider. Insects at night, especially during April, will definitely be a nusiance and some of the mossquitos are very large. The white winged critters didn’t bother anyone they just like to congregate around light, screw and die. I never did find out what they are but I finally found an insect the Thai’s don’t like and won’t eat!

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    7 thoughts on “Wat Phra Kaew Temple of the Emerald Buddha

    1. OK, that emerald Buddha is impressive. Great pictures, Talen. Really gives me a sense of the temple and its location. Good history lesson, too.

      I was nearby last year but didn’t know quite where it was. My mistake. I should have looked harder. You’d think the dumb farang would have a map handy!

      .-= SiamRick´s last blog ..Asian dating sites, part 3: Looking in Thailand =-.

    2. Talen, I have been several times, but not with my new camera. So… it is time to go again (and I am looking forward to it).

      ‘No pictures are allowed inside the ordinance hall which leaves you only two vantage points to get your photo.’

      I’ve been reading a number of monk books this month and I believe the monks can get close with a camera. So if you do know any monks, they would be the ones to ask perhaps?

      .-= Catherine´s last blog ..Thai Language Thai Culture: Pali and Sanskrit Roots =-.

    3. Talen a very educational post and some nice photos as well. I really do enjoy these history lessons that are contained within many of your posts. The Chiang Mai and Lampang background to the Emerald Buddha is interesting and I love these kind of stories from way back then.

      I am slowly getting around to seeing the wonders of Thailand having now ticked the Floating Market off my list. The Emerald Buddha is a definite attraction that I want to see but when I get round to spending a few days in Bangkok heaven knows. I must try and make a big effort to stay a few nights in the capital some time next year. You’ve convinced me there is so much to see and a lot of history to gain.

      .-= Martyn´s last blog ..Thailand’s Famous Floating Market =-.

    4. Hello, I will be in Bangkok in three weeks time. a friend of mine would like me to leave a jade mala and a message on the alter, is this possible and what would happen to the items over time???

      can you also light a candle at the alter.


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