Thai Music

I’m a big fan of Thai music, from traditional to pop there is always something good to be heard. When I’m not in Thailand Thai music fills that void I start to feel when I’ve been gone for too long. Of course the sound of my girls voice works well too.

The great thing about Thai music is the fact that it all gets the Karaoke treatment which means lots and lots of videos to be had. Which also means that you can find tons of Thai music on YouTube. While some Thai performers such as Tata Young prefer to record their material in English most bands record strictly in Thai.

The Thai language being tonal is much like a musical language as it is but when you hear the language in song it really becomes much more. I’m sure there would be quite a few that might argue that point with me but I find Thai music to be absolutely amazing and every bit as good as any other music being made in the world.

Since I’ve been listening to a lot of Thai music today while tightening up the back end of the blog I thought I would share some of my favorite Thai bands with you.

The first band up is called Me and the singer has a beautiful voice, she’s quite easy on the eyes too.  The next band up is called Big Ass, how can you go wrong with a band named Big Ass…They rock. After them we have a band named Peacemaker who are very chameleon like as they can go from very soft pop to very hard rock easily and they do both well. Last but not least is Kratae, she is a very cute pop singer that I enjoy a lot. I’d be very polite around her though because before she was a pop singer she was a professional Muay Thai boxer!


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Comment by MikeNo Gravatar
2009-10-04 23:37:16

Talen, sadly I fall into the camp of not liking Thai music. Mind you its not surprising since I am an aging rocker!
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Comment by TalenNo Gravatar
2009-10-05 08:38:18

Mike, I know many people that don’t care for Thai music but one day Maybe you’ll all come around. One good night of karaoke could do it.

Comment by ChuckWowNo Gravatar
2009-10-10 05:45:22

I really liked the first album from the China Dolls and a lot of Kat English songs.

The wife likes some of the older Lao songs. (Which I enjoy listening to with her but would probably not pick out on my own.)

Maybe you can answer a question for me. My wife can’t tell me the name of a singer/band so I can’t find any of their songs. The singer or band leader plays guitar, is fairly tall and thin with long hair, and he always wears a head band in the videos. One of the videos shows the band going across country in a bus and has several fetching young ladies dancing in a farm field. If this sounds familiar let me know who the singer/band is. Thank you.

Comment by TalenNo Gravatar
2009-10-10 07:45:33

Chuck, I know exactly who you are talking about because I see his viseos all the time when me, my girl and her friends go to karioke. He’s popular but I don’t know his name. Seems to sing about urequited love a lot too.

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