Thai Foot Massage Can be a Fishy Business

Last trip to the Land of Smiles found me all over the place and seeing all kinds of new things. One night while in Pattaya I happened across the sign posted above while walking up Pattaya Third Road, and thought to myself…why the hell not?  Well, it might have been the half bottle of Sangsom that I drank at the Thai Karaoke or the three beautiful Thai women I had with me egging me on. Either way I was up for a little fishy foot fetish.

For those of you that don’t already know there has been a craze going on all over South East Asia for the past few years, and that craze involves getting you feet massaged by fish. Yes, I said fish, but these aren’t your ordinary run of the mill carp or whitefish, these are special feet eating fish.

These are Turkish Garra rufa fish and they like to eat dead skin. Obviously this makes them a great choice for a peculiar pedicure, or as Tickle by Fish like to call it ” Relax with Reflexology”. You are basically soaking your feet in a nice warm pool which just happens to have about 300 fish sucking away at your toes.

It’s quite an odd experience, not bad… but not the norm either. It feels like the fish are tickling you and now and again you feel like you are being shocked lightly. One thing is for sure, they really do love the dead skin cells and after 15 minutes your feet come out feeling very smooth.

Once you get past the mass of fish eating your feet it’s also quite relaxing and you can’t help but laugh and have a good time. Once the fish have their way with you then one of the massage therapists takes over to scrub and moisturize your feet.

They also have a detoxifying treatment where they place some sort of ionizer into the warm water and you wear a low voltage emitter on your wrist. This treatment apparently removes toxins from your body. While I am usually the adventurous type I like to keep my warm water and electricity separate….especially when we are talking about electricity in Thailand.

All in all it was a nice experience that I would definitely try again. They also had standard foot massage available as well as a foot steaming sauna, aroma therapy and full body scrub/massage. Tickle by Fish was a very nice place with very nice people and seemingly nice fish, well,  they were eating me. If you have a foot fetish this is definitely the place for you.

If you’d like to give it a try you can find Tickle by Fish on Pattaya Third Road between Central Pattaya Road and Pattaya North Road. They are open 10am-10pm daily and their phone number is 038.410.675

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    1. I would guess it is a piece of ‘land art’. Maybe influenced by Andy Goldsworthy of Scotland. If it is just for drying corn it must at least be a religous icon or a ‘corn god’

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