Thailand in the News Week Ending 05/08/10

Peace Breaks out in Thailand, Kinda

Thai Peace Flag

The Red shirts said Tuesday that they welcomed a proposed plan by the Prime Minister that would end Thailand’s political crisis and see new elections held in November, although,  they are awaiting more details on the plan before they calling an end to  2 months of protests.

The Red shirt leaders are asking for clarification on the November election time frame as well as guarantees that the Monarchy will not be used as a weapon against them. In recent days the Thai government, as well as the PAD ( Yellow Shirts ), have made statements accusing the UDD ( Red Shirts ) of being anti-Monarchy which is a very harsh criticism in a country where the King is revered and beloved by all.

Although no time frame was given by Red shirt leaders it seems that once the government has provided more clarification on the elections that they will indeed evacuate Bangkok. Chavalit Yongchaiyuth, chairman of the opposition Pheu Thai party, praised the prime minister’s plan and stated he believed that the Red protests would most likely end on Coronation Day when all of Thailand observes the day King Bhumibol Adulyadej was officially crowned.  Unfortunately, he spoke out of turn and the red shirts are still in place awaiting clarification before going home.

A protest spokesman, Sean Boonpracong said:

We want to negotiate. All of us unanimously agree that we must enter into negotiations and we want to save a lot of lives. However, we want a little bit of sincerity.

The Prime Minister, Abhisit Vejjajiva went on Thai TV this weekend pleading with the protesters to please quit the demonstrations and accept the 5 point reconciliation plan put forward by the government. The UDD for their part have said they will unveil their own plan in a few days and hope for further negotiations. I would suspect their plan will mirror the governments but will also include amnesty for all UDD leaders and anyone suspected of violence.

The problem now is two fold. The longer these negotiations take the propensity for violence grows exponentially. Friday night, just outside the protest zone in Bangkok 2 policeman were killed and 13 citizens were injured in fresh attacks. These attacks could have been made by disillusioned protesters not happy about negotiations or other parties looking to hurt the Red shirt movement. It’s still unclear who made the attacks.

The second problem comes in the form of the PAD ( Yellow Shirts ) they are clearly not happy with this possible outcome. Then there is the election. If new elections take place I can’t see what party or what leader could be elected that all of Thailand would be happy with. If the sitting government wins again there is the strong possibility of more Red shirt issues and if a Puea Thai party takes control then it’s a sure bet that the Yellow shirts will be on the war path.

Democracy is a tough nut to crack in Thailand.

2010′s Miss Tiffany Universe Selected

Thailand's Nalada Thamthanakom smiles after winning the annual Miss Tiffany's Universe 2010

It’s often said that the most beautiful women in Thailand are men and when there are many men that want to be women there has to be a beauty contest. The 13th annual Miss Tffany’s Universe was held this past week and by all accounts the 4 day event was filled with stiff competition.

The winner of the event, pictured above, was a 19 year old Bangkok University student Miss Nalada Thamthanakhorn (Mik) who walked away not only with a crown but also won a brand new Honda Jazz as well as a check for 100,000 baht ( $3000 ). Miss Nalada Thamthanakhorn was also the winner of the Miss Silky Sexy Skin 2010 award.

First and Second Runners-up, Miss Chanya Denfanapha (Nong Bank) [21] and Miss Namphet Prasopchok (Nong Dear) [21], received prizes of Bt80,000 and Bt50,000 respectively along with an honorary Runner-up sash and ornamental Miss Tiffany statue.

There were also four individual prizes presented at this years event, winners of the respective individual awards are as follows: The Media Favourite Award went to Miss Songsuda Songklittakorn (Nong Kaew) [21], The Best Dressed Award went to Miss Dutlada Iamphung (Nong May), The Friendship Beauty Queen Award went to Miss Atsajankawee Phromaksorn (Nong Piak) and the Best Complexion Award went to Miss Rinlaphat Phuk (Nong Fiet). Each of the individual award winners won Bt20,000 in prize money along with honorary sashes and Miss Tiffany ornamental statues.

The final 4 of Miss Tiffany's Pageant

Picture Courtesy Pattaya Daily News

The Miss Tiffany Universe pageant is held at the Tiffany Theatre in Pattaya and with each year the contest surpasses the previous year in every way. Transgendered people in Thailand are becoming more accepted by the Thai people and that is more than evident in the amount of viewers that tune into the pageant each year.

Below is a video of the final walk and crowning Friday night…see just how feminine these ladies can be and wonder if you could tell the difference if you met them on the street.

You can watch the complete Miss Tiffany Universe Pageant in the Thailand Video section of this site.


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  1. malcolm
    May 9, 2010 | 10:54 pm

    Talen , thanks for the review and a special thanks for the video og the Miss Tiffany beauty pagaent , I fell asleep and missed the end , I always am amazed at how beautiful they are , BUTTTT I wouldn’t take one home to meet my Mom. As the say, where i come from . ha ha Malcolm
    .-= malcolm´s last blog ..JACK-FRUIT—-(THE LARGEST FRUIT TO GROW ON A TREE) =-.

    • Talen
      May 10, 2010 | 8:33 am

      Malcolm, Mom might like them…ya never know :)

  2. Lloyd
    May 10, 2010 | 4:33 pm

    Thanks dude, after a few huge days in Bangkok last year, during my “mid wife crisis” I’m pretty sure I can remember waking up next to one of those contestants :-(
    .-= Lloyd´s last blog ..Ayutthaya =-.

    • Talen
      May 11, 2010 | 6:16 pm

      Lloyd. Well at least no one else probably noticed they weren’t all woman :P

  3. Catherine
    May 11, 2010 | 7:59 pm

    Another great post Talen! The subject of Thai man/ladies is one that interests me a great deal and so far I have not managed to nail it. No rush, I know…
    .-= Catherine´s last blog ..Thailand Voice: Women Learn Thai is Blog of the Month =-.