Eating Thai Style

Eating is something we all have to do but why is it that in the West we find the most boring ways to do it. We go to the same restaurants and eat the same food time and time again. The one thing the Thai’s most definitely do right is eat, and when they eat they eat well.

Eating Thai style is a communal thing, you aren’t just enjoying the company of good friends but you are exploring the culinary possibilities of their palates as well. When you sit down in the restaurant you’ll get menus just as you do in the West but that’s where the similarities end. Everyone will order a dish or two, maybe even three and then before you know it the waiter/waitress is approaching the table with armloads of food that will be placed in the center of the table. Then the real fun starts.

Now you are free to sample all the delicious food in front of you. The Thai’s often take this pleasure to new heights by ordering much more food than you think is possible to eat but somehow the plates seem to empty in record time and often even more food is ordered.

The good thing about eating Thai style in Thailand is that the food, with some exceptions, is always fresh and usually very healthy for you with lots of vegetables and fish on offer. Aside from the culinary treat of trying so many dishes there is the added benefit of having a great time with friends while eating a memorable meal.

You don’t have to be in Thailand or even eating Thai food to eat Thai style, so, the next time you are out to dinner with friends forgo the usual and opt for a little sanook ( fun ) …I bet you’ll thank me for it.

As you can see by the pictures we had a seafood night of it…and this was just the first course!

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