New Years 2011 in Thailand

Thailand New Years 2011

Thailand is all geared up for New Years 2011 with celebrations throughout the country getting ready to kick off very soon.

Pattaya Countdown has had the town all a buzz this week with the week long celebrations leading up to New Years 2011. Fireworks displays every night along with concerts, thousands of merchants selling their wares and all kinds of great food.As well there have been dance parties set up on the beach and at Central Festival all week with many pretty Thai girls dancing their asses off.

New Years eve in Thailand promises to be a great one and I think Pattaya might just be leading the charge this year. With all the great parties and fun available though it would be wise to consider that this is one of the deadliest times in Thailand each year. If you have to drive make it short and please don’t be stupid and drive drunk! With all the available public transportation in Thailand, especially in the major tourist destinations such as Bangkok and Pattaya, you have more than enough choices to find a safe way to and from your New Years Partying.

For me personally,  New Years eve 2011 in Thailand will be a bitter sweet reminder of a year full of change and a coming year full of hope. The highs of the past year were sweet as can be but they were countered by lows that that were much lower than needed. I hope 2011 is much more of an even keel.

To all my friends, family and loved ones, I wish you all the happiest of New Years. I hope you all have a chance to spend the evening with loved ones being reminded of the great things of 2010 and the great things to come in 2011.

Have a Safe, Healthy and Happy New Years in Thailand or wherever you may be and may all of your dreams and wishes for 2011 come true.

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    4 thoughts on “Thailand’s Troubles Coming to a Head

    1. I’m currently in Phuket. Yesterday I went looking for protesters. I went to the provencial HQ and only saw a few PAD sitting around. Other than that, I haven’t seen any evidence of protests down here (other than my flight from Penang being delayed for a day).

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