Living Like a Thai Day 3: Women Troubles

Thai women graze they don't eat

Living like a Thai

Cartoon Courtesy Mike Baird from Amazing Thai Cartoons who draws some of the funniest Pattaya related cartoons you will ever see…I’ll be posting an article about this Pattaya fixture very soon.

I don’t have a regular girlfriend at the moment, which is probably a good thing as my budget for the month would be blown in a few days or so. But, I have been seeing someone and when she called last night I found it very difficult to explain to her what I was doing.

She wanted to know if I was up for going out for a few beers and some pool. Of course I was, but I couldn’t afford it. After much explaining in Thai and English she now thinks I don’t have any money. The upshot of all this though is the fact that she still likes me money or not and she came over to my place with 4 beers and some chicken skewers :)

Unfortunately I completely forgot that Thai women are grazers and while she came bearing food and drink she would ultimately raid my fridge and eat my pre-cooked noodle packs and the last of my rice…Doh! Oh well, today is a new day and I need to get some rice anyway.

I guess I can’t complain too much as she cleaned the condo before I woke up, I tried to get her to take my laundry with her but that was a definite no go.

Living Like a Thai Day 3

Seeing as my lady friend ate what I was going to have for breakfast I  headed down to the small roadside restaurants by my condo and had a very nice rice and pork porridge for breakfast for 20 baht ( $.68 )

After breakfast I headed to one of the Thai markets on Soi Buakiow Bucow Buakouw and and looked into getting some rice which I found for 35 baht ( $1.19 ) a kilo so I bought 2 kilos. While I was at the market I realized I was out of smokes and while I would like to quit today just isn’t the day so I checked out the merchant selling lighters and smokes and bought the cheapest pack of Thai cigarettes he had.

Yes, as the name  “Shoot” suggests this is a quality smoke and at 32 baht ( $1.08 ) for the pack I got what I paid for.. Looks like quitting is once again on the table.

Thai Cigarettes...32 baht a pack

Looks like today I will be digging into some ramen noodles for lunch or dinner and cooking a little rice.

And with that I have already spent 122 baht today leaving me a whopping 8 baht, remember I adjusted the daily stipend to reflect electricity charges and rent which lowered my daily spend to 133 baht. Friday night foot loose and fancy free here I come!

Observations today: Hide my food from the Thai ladies or I could very well starve.

Email of the Day:

OMG you are going to smell something awful by the end of the month.

I didn’t realize I would be barred from buying hygiene products…even on 133 baht a day I think I can afford a bar of soap at least and with my Thai female connections I am quite sure they would lend me some soap and shampoo.

Quote of the Day:

It okay you don’t have money…I like you and you can borrow my honey

Living Like a Thai Day 3 Totals

Purchase Amount Cost Total
Breakfast 1 20 baht 20 baht
Rice 2 kilos 35 baht kilo 70baht
Thai Cigarettes 1 pack 32 baht 32 baht
Todays total 122 baht ( $4.15 )
June Total 473 baht ( $16.10 )



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