4 Zodiac Elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth

There's a hypothesis of the correspondence of the signs of the zodiac to the components of the components. It was based on the hypothesis of Empedocles approximately four components (components): fire, soil, water and discuss. Since there are twelve signs and four components, each component is spoken to by three signs. Division by components uncovers certain characteristics of the signs of the zodiac, which permit you to extricate new information in a curiously way. Due to the appearance of common "unconstrained" signs, the investigation and consequent figure of the imperative vitality of an individual is gotten more profound and broader.

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Check, what is your element according to the horoscope?

  • Fire - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.
  • Earth - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.
  • Air - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.
  • Water - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.

Characteristics of “Fire” People

Thirst for control, hot mood, vitality, tall movement - these are the most signs of fire. Such individuals can surge "into the assault", completely not thinking about the results. Within the warmth of the battle, they are not able to think almost their "fervor". They will be able to apologize for their deeds as they were after a few times when they cool down. In such circumstances, there's no self-control. In this manner, in case the "Red hot Man" permitted himself to commit an unseemly act or "affability" to you, which profoundly outraged and harmed you, most likely it was not a think encourage to irritate you.

Earth Signs

Solidness, certainty, stability, severity, authenticity - these are the most characteristics of the components of the soil. The title "Soil Signs" talks for itself. They are realists, down to earth and steady. They don't require "castles within the discuss" and "Napoleonic" plans. Much appreciated to the judiciousness and common sense laid down by nature, it is secure and calm with them.

Air Signs

Signs of the zodiac are blustery, changeable, able to effectively alter connections. Fortunate for those agents of the discuss component who have, to be a few degrees, the nature of the water component. In this case, they feel more profoundly and are prepared for changes as they were in case of pressing requirements.

Water Signs

The signs of the zodiac of the component of water are characterized by impressionability, emotionality, separation from reality, inactive mysterious control, suggestibility, versatility. Since of its profundity and unpretentious feeling of the world, it is the component of the water that's the foremost appealing of all components. “Water” individuals see the world through the crystal of their deep receptivity. Their temperament can frequently alter, this is often due to profound emotionality and instinct.