All About Hotel Pool Care: The Most Useful Tips.

Useful Tips About Hotel Pool Care

Hotels provide many services for its customers. Some of the services include meals and accommodation. Other special services for tourists and travelers include swimming pools. Pools give hotel credibility regarding luxury. They attract customers who like to enjoy their free time.

After installing a hotel pool, owners need to do much later. It's because there are a lot of swimming pool problems that can affect the beauty, environment, and quality of the pool. It might be quite difficult to ascertain the real cause behind these problems as they vary in nature. However, 90% of the problems in swimming pools are related to water. Pools with clean water, have fewer problems.

In this article, we shall find out common pool problems and give several tips how to make care easier.

Common Hotel Pool Problems


The growth of algae is one of the most common problems of hotel pools. This plant can block filters, and it may lead to a slippery surface. Due to the presence of the algae, the water becomes dark green in color and cloudy. The base of the swimming pool can become black.

This problem can occur if the chlorine levels in the pool have dropped down or if the owner neglects proper pool maintenance.

Cloudy Water

There can be many reasons for this swimming pool problem. One of them is the presence of algae. Low chlorine levels and improper filtration may be other causes. The other cause might be very high ph levels.

Irritation of Skin

If you have burning eyes, or a sore throat or skin irritation after bathing in the pool, then it might be either due to high or low ph levels. An increase in the number of chloramines can also be a reason.

The above are serious problems for a pool. If not observed, they can end up destroying pool water. Hotel owners need to take good measures to eliminate the problem.

Here are simple pool care guide tips:

1. Determine the average depth and capacity of your pool

Find the average depth by adding the shallow end depth and the deep end depth then dividing the sum by two. A capacity of the pool involves determining the amount of water a pool can hold. For a rectangular pool, a simple calculation of length*width*height will do.

These calculations will help to determine the exact concentration of additives that you need to use in your pool water.

2. Purchase a pool testing kit

Testing the pool water will tell its condition. It helps to take the appropriate steps in cleaning.

The test includes the level of chlorine, the alkalinity and pH levels of pool water. There are rare circumstances where one would need to test for metals and occasionally, total dissolved solids. Take a water sample down to a pool retail store near you and have them test for those factors.

3. Clean your pool physically

Have frequent cleaning from brushing the walls to vacuuming the bottom and the sides. Keeping the pool free of dirt and small particles will make it challenging for bacteria and pathogens to develop. They like to grow on swimming pool toys, dirty walls of the pool as well as leaves and other debris.

For easier work for this, pool pumps can be of help. They power countercurrent systems, surge showers, massage systems, water chutes, feeder channels, and of all sizes and shapes.

Here are the three best pool pumps which you may consider:

Pentair 011013 IntelliFlo VS 3050

The product is a quality pool pump. The VS 3050 has four-speed settings from which you can choose for your pool. In addition to that, the setting can range from 400 to 3450 RPM.

This product also features energy savings. You can save at least 30% on electricity with this product. It also has longer pump service life which is ideal for every pool owner to have.

Hayward Super Pool Pump

Hayward Super Pool Pump is among the best regarding efficiency and durability. No maintenance required on this device.

Installing the Hayward Super Pump is easy. It includes clear instructions on how to install. It also lasts for long due to its high-quality material that can resist corrosion. The product has a high-performance duty motor that maintaining coolness when in use. Also, it operates quietly leaving no one disturbed.

Hayward SP1580X15

It's an above-ground product for swimming pools. A one and half horsepower motor. It's a superior product, yet it is affordable.

This product has a high-performance motor that can function with no maintenance. It has a heat resistance seal that prevents it from overheating. This motor has an integrated thermal overload protector as well.

4. Shock treat your pool water

It means adding more chlorine than normal. In this case, your level of free available chlorine should be 5-9 ppm. It is preferable that shock treatment is done at night while the filter is on for maximum effect.

Shock treatment helps to kill bacteria and algae in the pool water. It's usually done once every 3-4 weeks during the swimming season. Also, give the water a small chlorine boost after a big storm or heavy wind. When you shock the water, let the equipment run for 24 hours continuously to make sure the shock fully dissolves.

5. Balance your water

Adjust the total alkalinity than the pH and finally the calcium hardness.

Make sure that the ranges lie from 1-4 ppm, pH of 7.2-7.6, the alkalinity of 60-120 ppm and calcium hardness of 200-500 ppm. If the calcium hardness gets over 1300ppm, it's time to backwash the pool several times. It helps to replace 1/3 of the total water volume over a few days, or an alternative is to drain out 1/3 of the pool water and replenish it.

Replace some of the water volume using a water source that doesn't have elevated calcium hardness levels. Anytime the calcium hardness exceeds 1300ppm, the water becomes aggressive and nonreactive.

6. Removal of metals

Before performing any shock treatment, ensure the pool is free from all metals.

You can use an appropriate stain prevention tool to do this. Apply the stain prevention tool and wait for at least 24 hours before balancing your pool water.


With the above pool guide care tips, then it will be easier to clean your pool and ensure it always has that clear and shining look. It ensures the safety of every swimmer in your pool.