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Every title cannot avoid possible hacks and cheats. The CS:GO community is not an exception as it had to deal with the issue of rampant hacking in 2018. After that incident, the developers managed to find a solution to the problem in the format of third-party platforms like Faceit, ESEA, and SoStronk.

The Launch of the Anti-Cheat Option for CS:GO to Battle with Cheaters

CS:GO introduced a security update of “Trusted Launch,” aiming to reduce the number of cheaters. “Trusted Launch” is a new initiative, which boosts security throughout the gaming process. Also, CS:GO developers did not forget to provide instructions on how users can reach the beta before its official release. If you are interested in getting access to “Trusted Launch,” feel free to visit and use some CS:GO beta depots.

Functioning of Trusted Launch Work

The optional security system of “Trusted Launch” can be used along with the VAC anti-cheating system. While VAC is based on a more general approach, “Trusted Launch” appeals to CS:GO itself. The optional security keeps track of the files and processes associated with the game. The optional settings can be adjusted to the user's needs and preferences or turned off completely. If “Trusted Launch” detects a third-party program or a file that looks suspicious, the player will receive a warning message.

Today, “Trusted Launch” has many parallels with “Vanguard” which is the anti-cheat system for the popular shooter of Valorant. While “Vanguard” functions at a kernel level, “Trusted Launch” is an optional enhanced security function that can be switched on and off anytime.

“Trusted Launch” as the CS:GO Feature Preceded by Prime Status

Before the introduction of “Trusted Launch”, the game developers integrated the Prime status. It was received by all players who have had a gaming experience of 5 years and above. The new users could either buy the Prime status from the market or raise up their CS:GO profile to the next level. The Prime status is also related to the user's CS:GO profile and phone number. This is an additional method for increased security. If all players in one competitive environment have the Prime status, the game will search for one more Prime environment, which minimizes the risk of cheaters' involvement.

Considering the fact that “Trusted Launch” is an optional security method, the developers aim to minimize their efforts for player screening. Thus, if a player has integrated the feature, chances of scams will be reduced to the minimum.