League of Legends Guide: Choose Your Role

It is very important to realize your role in the team. The right actions and well-considered decisions will necessarily lead to the victory in LoL. Let's have a look at the roles, which beginners are recommended to choose. There are several common roles in the game, which you are recommended to check before you proceed to the next level and start betting on lolbetz.com. If you want to become a professional player and the successful bettor, you should choose the right role and learn the features of each of them.

What Roles to Choose?

Have a look at roles in LoL:

  • The tank. It is the customary role for everyone. As a rule, Tank has weak damage, but a very high survival rate. The main task is to initiate a battle, as well as to make the battle as difficult as possible for the enemy, using control on opponents. When playing with a tank it is important to understand that the team will wait for initiation from you, so you shouldn’t stand behind the team, substituting the carry and the supports. It is also equally important to understand which items will be more relevant at the moment. Here are examples of heroes who can become good tanks: Shen, Rammus, Galio, Amumu, Cho'Gath, Maokai, Mundo, Nautilus, Singed etc.
  • AD Carry. This is an important role that will play just a huge role, if everything is done the right way. Characters suitable for this role are very dependent on items.
  • Assassin. The role of Assassin in the League of Legends is no different from Assassins from other games. Heroes suitable for this role will be able to quickly kill the character of the enemy. As a rule, assassins are strong only in early and mid-game. Assassins are better not to sit up on the spot, but to roam, making ganks for vulnerable opponents. Also, the assassin can interfere with the enemy's jungler, which will make the game very difficult, and will not allow ganks for your allies for some time. Heroes that will suit the role of Assassin: Shaco, Talon, Akali, Fizz, Pantheon, Evelynn.
  • Bruiser. This role is a cross between a tank and a carry. As a rule, the hero who is able to "take a punch" is taken for the role of a bruiser. Usually, they have spamming abilities, which provides them with farm on the line or in the forest, and also allows them to hammer the enemy on their line, forcing sooner or later to either kill him or send to the base to restore health. A good understanding of the situation in the game with a bruiser can provide your team with both a tank and a dealer, depending on the need. Heroes that are suitable for the role of Bruiser: Lee Sin, Shyvana, Yorick, Shen, Jayce, Pantheon, Jax etc.
  • Support. Many people think that the role of support is uninteresting and boring. However, this role is as important as the others. Supports provide help to the team healing or having control in their arsenal. Supports are also the eyes of the team because their role was basically the fate of placing wards on the map.

League of Legends offers the player a lot of opportunities. You can experiment with heroes as well as with different runes.