Features of BookNet You Should Be Aware of

BookNet is considered to be a global self-publishing literary platform that enables efficient reading and publishing of e-books. Booknet contests are structured by publishers, while winners of these contests get their book published in print and receive all the privileges. If you win the contest, you might be lucky enough to get your novel printed by a famous publisher.

Making Book Publication

At BookNet.com, writers have to post their books for free or sell them to publishers for low prices. Writers have to monetize even those books which are still in the process of writing. Selling drafts of your novel by subscription makes it possible for you to earn money while writing.

Free self-publishing: Publishing free books at Booknet.com is a great thing to benefit from. This platform always aims to promote their writers’ books through social media and search engines such as Google. By posting books for free, writers attract readers who might want to buy those texts.

Chargeable subscription: A writer can get a commercial status by receiving a paid subscription. A subscription book is considered to be an unfinished piece of work. An average subscription covers the period of three months. After that, the writer keeps selling the same book in a completed format.

High book sales: You can sell your complete eBooks on Booknet.com as if you usually do through a virtual retailer. Only those writers who open at least one subscription have the option of selling finished books.

Making a profit on selling books online

In 99% of the cases, a complete eBook is marked with a pirates’ possession on the day of its release. This fact leads to declining sales and losses, not only for authors but also for publishers. Booknet.com is there to solve this issue. Their system of blogs and feedback lets you deliver your updates to the readers and get some review of each published chapter.

By talking to Booknet’s readers, you can boost the number of your book’s followers. Every writer who creates a paid subscription on BookNet features free banners and massive advertisement campaigns for each particular book through social media and search engines.

The search engine optimization mechanism encourages new readers to join. Your name will appear at the first stages of Google search. Moreover, their specialists develop ads, settings, and promotions. Easily, they open a paid subscription in order to take care of books’ popularity.