• Issan Style
    Travel to Isaan to see Thailand as it should be. Simple life, genuine people and the most unspoiled area of Thailand. Isaan encompasses these cities and more: Ubon Ratchathani, Sisaket, Mukdahan, Udonthani, Khon Kaen, Roi-Et, Yasothan.. I bring humorous s
  • The Lost Boy-Living in Thailand;Inadvertently Offensive
    For two years I called Bangkok my home. I currently live in Phuket. After Phuket, well, who knows. I’m considering going to Jakarta or back to Bangkok.
  • HaPPi Like a HiPPo
    Always an interesting read
  • Absolutely Bangkok
    absolutely is an other, more subtle, no copycat take on lifestyle, politics, travel, food & events in Bangkok. An insider’s take on this wildly exotic city, which deep in its heart remains a wildly charming village.
  • Thai Eyes
    Thailand Blog about Thai lifestyle, culture, travel, fashion, buddhism, thaifood, thaipop, nature….Lot of information and fun.
  • My Thai Friend
    The day to day life of an expat living in Thailand.
  • Everything Everywhere
    The idea of traveling around the world wasn’t something that gradually dawned on me. It all rather happened in an instant. Once I had the idea, I knew it was something I had to do. That happened about two years before I left on my trip.
  • Nomadic Matt
    I’m a twenty-something vagabond who has been on the road regularly since 2005. I’m a native of Boston, Mass but lately, everywhere has been my home. After a trip to Thailand in 2005, I decided I to leave the rat race behind and explore the world.
  • Wise Kwai’s Thai Film Journal
    Wise Kwai’s Thai Film Journal is a regularly updated weblog on news and reviews of the cinema of Thailand and Southeast Asia, as well as Thai art, entertainment and culture.
  • The Thai Pirate
    Thai blog and travel stories.
  • Beyond the Mango Juice
    Putting together lifes jigsaw in North East Thailand
  • Retired in Thailand and Loving it
    Retired in Thailand with my Thai wife Ciejay and as they say at McDonalds I’m loving it . We love to travel when time and money allows and we really love our small village of Wang Pho, located in the valley of Sai Yok ,Kanchanaburi
  • Baan Jochim Phuket
    Aspects of an American expats life in Thailand
  • Life in Rural Thailand
    My name is MeMock and I live in the province of Ubon Ratchatani in Thailand. Originally from Australia I am married with 2 kids and live in a small little village very close to the border with Cambodia and Laos.
  • Life and Times in Ubon Ratchathani
    Thailand as viewed by the eyes of and American Expat living here. Reviews of restaurants, nightlife, accomodations, transportation, tourist attractions, and events. Tips and suggestions for quality of life.
  • Bulgarian Slivatree
    An expatriate’s eye in Bulgaria. A British Expat living and working in Bulgaria and telling what it is really like there.
  • Butterfinger
    A great blog written by Natta who is a Thai student majoring in Japanese at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand. I really love her take on things!
  • Life of a Lounge Lizard
    In pursuit of happy memories…the most important thing in life. Great insight into Bangkok life.
  • Sihanoukville Online
    Information and stories including a forum on Sihanoukville Cambodia written by a good friend Casper who I met in Thailand.
  • A Malaysian Abroad
    I’m a Malaysian/Swiss mutt currently living in Chicago. Join me as I compare, observe and celebrate the similarities and differences between Malaysia, Switzerland,the USA and more!
  • Jonny Foreigner
    Random collection of news, opinions and tales from a young Brit in Thailand
  • Bangkok Resident
    Irish guy married to a Thai girl trying to get back to Bangkok and setting up a secure future in wonderful Thailand.
  • FrogBlog Thaidings
    Blogging back and forth between Provence and the Savoie in France and Chiang Mai in Thailand
  • Behind the Noodle Curtain
    A lot of great information Thailand and insight into surrounding countries as well.
  • A Pair of Panties & Boxers
    Monica blogs about her travels through the world and travels through life. Either way she travel, it’s food for her soul. And she’s always hungry. Some very beautiful photos here.
  • TravMonkey World Travel
    TravMonkey is a world travel magazine for backpackers and budget travelers.
  • Thai Life in Phana
    One mans Life in Isan, Thailand.
  • My Unseen Thailand
    Andy does a good job of showing you the Thailand that most falang never get to see.
  • Oneditorial
    A Thai person living in a Farang land who wants to try to write about matters of interest as categorised in my blog.


  • FLB Bar
    FLB BAR is the very best place to start you search for fun times in Pattaya. Unlike the Beer Bars and A Go Gos, you will find a relaxed air conditioned bar, where you can listen to the live music or chat with one of our beautiful hostesses.
  • Cherry Bar
    At the Cherry Bar you can be assured of a warm welcome from your host Adam and his lovely ladies, who are extremely friendly and some of the prettiest you will find in Pattaya.


  • Thailand Voice
    We have listed the many Voices from Thailand. The bloggers here are either living in Thailand or writing about Thailand.
  • Thailand Directory
    A directory of websites dedicated to Thailand.
  • Top 100 Thailand Blogs
    A ranked directory of the top 100 Thailand related blogs.
  • Alltop
    All the best Thailand news and blogs.


  • Pattaya Talk Forums
    The best forums related to Pattaya around. Great overall information on nightlife,hotels and travel.
  • Thai Visa Forums
    The best forums on Thailand in general. Forums on travel tips, general information and visa information.
  • Udon Map
    Very informative forums related to travelling or living in Udon Thani province.
  • Pattaya-Addicts
    Looking for information on Pattaya? Looking for a decent Pattaya forum? On our Thailand and Pattaya forum, we have all the latest news, links, reviews, one to one advice, hotels, bar experiences, gogo bar information, pattaya videos and pictures galore.
  • Pattaya Secrets
    PattayaSecrets is Pattaya, Thailand’s most exciting and freshest totally free Internet forums and we already have over 12,500 members who have made more than 700,000 postings on all things Pattaya as well as Thailand.
  • Pattaya-Live
    Pattaya-Live Forum, the only Pattaya Forum with Live Web Cam Feeds, Personal Blogs and Image Gallery. All you need to know about Pattaya and so much more!
  • Phuket-Info
    Another good forum with info on Thailand, Phuket, Golf, Diving, and Nightlife

Thailand Hotels

Thai Food

  • Joy’s Thai Food
    Thai food recipe and cooking blog with instructions, photos, videos, and stories. I am a Thai girl living in Thailand. I create tasty Thai cuisine on video and with photos so you can make these same Thai food dishes at home.
  • Enjoy Thai Food
    Excellent resource on Thai food including recipes,video instruction and ingredient information.
  • Thai Table
    Learn Thai cooking
  • Thai Foodcast
    Some of the most delicious Thai food is also the easiest to make, however a lot of western people are intimidated by the idea of cooking Thai food themselves. The goal of Thai Foodcast is to make cooking Thai food accessible.
  • Appon’s Thai Food
    This site is full of recipes from my native Thailand. The best place to start are the recipe browsers on the left side. They let you see all the recipes available at a single glance.
  • Thai & Lao Food
    I am part Thai and Lao. The reason for my blog is to preserve the authenticity of the Thai and Lao food.

Thailand Information

  • Thai Visa The latest updated Thai visa immigration news, work permit and residence permit in Thailand. Discussion forum and newsletter available.
  • Amazing Thailand
    Thailand tourist informationg including calender events, package tours, and a host of useful information.
  • Thailand Expat
    Information and online community for expatriates. Great resource if you are already an expat in Thailand or looking to become one
  • Phuket Vogue
    Welcome to Phuket Vogue. We pride ourselves on providing up-to-date information about the hottest places to eat and party in Phuket. If you’ve surfed around and been to any of the established Phuket websites, you might have noticed how boring they all are
  • Naked Farang
    All the TLC you need with articles, anecdotes, pictures, reviews, jokes, advice, competitions and much more on Travel, Lifestyle and Culture from Thailand.
  • Travel & Tourist Guide to Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand
    ChiangmaiChimes is a non-commercial site whose sole purpose is to promote Chiang Mai to both visitors and residents by endeavouring to provide useful and up-to-date information about Chiang Mai and all aspects of Chiang Mai Life.
  • Changwat, Amphoe, Tambon
    Interesting facets or news about the administrative subdivisions of Thailand, mostly around the Wikipedia coverage of these entities
  • Thailand Tourism Update
    Everything to do with tourism in Thailand from the Thailand Tourism Authority
  • Bangkok Scams
    A wealth of information for the traveller on the multitude of scams to be on the look out for in Bangkok as well as Thailand in general.
  • Pattaya Expats Club
    Excellent informations for expats staying in Thailand and specifically pattaya.
  • CIA World Fact Book Thailand
    Excellent information source on Thailand
  • Pattaya Thailand Essentials
    The Ultimate Travel Guide to Pattaya Thailand

Thailand Attractions

  • The Sanctuary of Truth
    In 1981 wealthy business man Lek Viriyaphant began building his vision, The Sanctuary of truth in Nakula. Today this impressive monument to Buddhist spiritualism and artistic grace has come a long way but is still fifteen to twenty years from completion.
  • Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens
    The beauty of Thailand is equaled by few and nothing exemplifies this point more than Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens.Over 600 acres of pure Beauty.
  • Sriracha Tiger Zoo
    A beatiful zoo in Chonburi province dedicated to the breeding of tigers and crocodiles.

Thailand pictures

  • Pattaya Photo Guide
    Using mapquest and pictures Pattaya Photo Guide makes it possible for you to stroll around Pattaya with a 360 degree view
  • Photography of Thailand
    Daily pictures of Thailand
  • Bangkok Taxi
    Formerly a press photographer in the UK, the creator of this site has been living and working in Bangkok for more than a year. Although his work in Thailand does not directly involve photography, his passion for pictures is as strong as ever.
  • Austin Bush Photography
    A freelance photographer/writers living in Thailand. A feast for the eyes.
  • Catherine Wentworth Photography
    Cat is an expat living in Bangkok…and her photos are simply beautiful.

Thailand News

  • The Bangkok Bugle
    Born in May 2006, this blog is a journey of discovery from Berkshire in the UK to Bangkok in Thailand through the eyes of Andrew, a 38-year-old media professional with a passion for photography.
  • Bangkok Post
    The worlds window to Thailand
  • Thai Crisis
    Politics, Economy… The situation is worsening in Thailand.The country is on a bumpy road. “Once again” we could say, due to the history.But this time, it’s different.The key to understand the present turmoil is the inevitable disparition of King Bhumibol,
  • phucket gazette
    Phucket and Thailand news.
  • Pattaya Daily News
    News from Pattaya Thailand
  • The Nation
    Thailand’s biggest business daily
  • Thai Opinions
    Interesting and up to date Thailand news and articles
  • Pattaya Today
    Pattaya & National news
  • The Thai Report
    Up to date aggregated news on Thailand…get all you need right here

Thai Language

  • Learn Thai Podcast
    Learning Thai does not have to be rocket sience. This podcast is made for everyone who wants to start learning the thai language and focuses on expressions that have a high practical use when you visit Thailand.
  • Learning Thai
    Great site for learning Thai
  • Women Learning Thai
    Expat making her way through Thai language and culture. A very good read from a female expas point of view.
  • Thai 101
    Another excellent Thai language resource.

Thai/Falang Relationships

  • Thai Sex Talk
    Bridging the gap of understanding about love, romance and sex in Thai culture.

Thailand charities

  • Freinds of the Asian Elephant(FAE)
    Founded to protect and preserve Thailand’s national treasure
  • The Set Foundation
    to make a difference. That difference is between a youngster being able to study at a vocational college or university, or instead having to labor in the rice paddies, on a Bangkok building site, or in some other mundane, dead-end job.