Predict Total in Dota 2 Is Easier than in Football

Millions of people around the world love football, or at least periodically watch what happens in the national championship, the Champions League or at the world championships. Many of them are not averse to stir up their interest in a match with a hundred or so loaded rubles, dollars or pesos, and for some it is a way of making money. But with the development of eSports for those who are interested in bets, there was an excellent alternative to football - Dota 2 If you choose from the line in football, for example, the total goals scored, then you risk: luck, randomness, and overall poor performance in football have not been canceled. At Dota, it's different.

The Basics You Should Know

Let's start with the simplest thing: in football, the one who scores more goals against an opponent wins. The main goal of Dota is to demolish the main building of the enemy, the “throne”, and the main totals for which the bets are accepted are to some extent spurious. There is one throne, the more you will never destroy or lose. The main options for totals that you should pay attention to these options:

  • Total kills on a single map;
  • Duration of a single card (total time).

Dota 2 is now quite popular, so both totals can be found at most of the bookmakers. So how can the tools to achieve Dota’s main goal be more predictable than the goal in football? Dota is much more logical and having basic ideas about it, you can start earning, and what happens on the screen is not inferior to football in terms of entertainment. In Dota 2, it is safer to bet on total than in football, but for this you have to figure out the game process.

Things to Bear in Mind

The game in Dota 2 takes place in the format of 5 to 5, all the captains choose 10 heroes from 115. For example, there are options in which one team will diligently avoid any fight imposed on it. While some will search for battles, the second will trick the way to the opponent’s base (for example, the presence of Nature’s Prophet, Ember Spirit or Lone Druid among the heroes may signal this). The draft, focused on early aggression on both sides, will inevitably generate a couple of dozen murders in the first 10 minutes of the game. If teams are guided by battles involving all the heroes, one fight every few minutes will give at least 5-6 kills per common box.

Football performance goes for a few goals, any random hit can burn your bet. In Dota 2, it is also important to follow the general trend, which is offered by the best teams in the world and to make a start from it.