Is It Possible to Make Successful Predictions in Tennis Betting

Tennis pre-match analytics, at first glance, may seem much more complicated than other sports, and this is influenced by many factors. However, professional bettors are increasingly preferring tennis rates. Have a look at a number of the most significant factors affecting the pre-match analysis.

Top-4 Factors that May Affect the Pre-Match Analysis

Check what may have an impact on the match outcome and your predictions when betting at or other resources.

  • Coverage of the court. Coverage affects a lot in a tennis match. In tennis, the most common types of coverage are ground, grass, carpet and hard. Grand Slam tournaments are not held only on carpet. Of course, each of these covers has its own characteristics, the main of which is the ball bounce. On ground coverings, the rebound is slow and high, which, as a rule, reduces the importance of a good feed, and the game becomes longer and thinner. On the ground, the advantage is gained by technically and at the same time psychologically balanced players. On grass, the serve is more important, and therefore, players with a strong serve, have a significant advantage over their rivals.
  • The rating of players. In this list, the rating is below the coverage. This is because the difference in the style of playing a greater number of tennis players on different types of surfaces is so significant that the rating often simply loses its value. Some analysts even take into account the rating of tennis players in the last place in the preparation of forecasts, because it often confuses than it provides assistance.
  • The status of the tournament and the motivation of athletes. The psychological moment, namely the motivation of the player, is one of the decisive aspects in the preparation of the pre-match analysis. It is the motivation, other things being equal, that will be the decisive factor that will affect the outcome of the match. In addition, you should know that the prize money is not the only component of motivation, the player can have additional motivation, playing at home and receiving the support of the stands. It also motivates well the opportunity to improve your rating, personal relationships between players, etc.
  • Full-time confrontation. In almost every sport, and tennis is no exception, there is the concept of a fundamental, convenient and uncomfortable opponent. And it often happens that a top-class player with great difficulty cope with any of the tennis players in the second hundred. In such cases, the inconvenience lies in the style of the game, in the manner of presentation, and also in what kind of player’s working hand is left-handed or right-handed. However, here too, one should not overlook such a moment as the type of coverage, because an uncomfortable opponent on the ground can easily be defeated on a grass surface.

If you are betting on a reliable and well-defended player, then it will be advantageous to bet just against a player who is actively attacking. Bet keeping in mind the factors listed above and increase your chances to win.