The Best Modern Masterpieces of Scientific Fantasy

At the end of the last century, it seemed that scientific fantasy had succumbed to the palm of fantasy. But today, space fiction is experiencing a real renaissance. We present to your attention the most vivid and extraordinary works of this genre that appeared in the XXI century. Those who are fond of fantasy genre should definitely check Libros de Fantasía, the best place to find a great book in your favorite genre.

Now, have a look at the books that are worth reading.

Al Robertson "Hacked Heaven"

Plot: Puppeteer Jack Forster has no more than a couple of months to live It would seem that he survived the war of the Pantheon with Totality, why would he come to this world? It's simple: his license for clown Hugo Fist is about to end, and he will take over Jack's body. But first Forster decides to deal with the case, which he was not allowed to complete before the war.

Interesting: Not at all an emphasis on virtuality, although the whole life of the Station inhabitants, who do not see themselves apart from the network, is permeated with it. Without connection, you will not be served in a restaurant, in a hotel, or in a shop. You cannot taste the real taste of food or coffee. And there is still the opportunity not to part with his loved ones, who left this mortal world, thanks to the posthumous electronic casts of people.

Summary: Robertson successfully mixes post-apocalypse, solid NF and, of course, cyberpunk, as well as high-quality detective, thriller and action movie. The novel pleases with the original image of virtual reality and the fresh idea of computer "gods".

Robert Ibatullin «Rose and the Worm»

Plot: In 2295 the Earth perished. Mysterious aquilane from the constellation of the Eagle staged a bombardment, which destroyed almost all life on the planet. People who survived the attack, partially remained on Earth, partially moved to colonies scattered throughout the Solar System.

Interesting: From what most authors end a novel with — a victory over the enemy — Ibatullin is just beginning. In this book, the post-apocalypse is mixed with a cosmooper, a third-person memoir, a political thriller with a spy, a psychological drama with a militant fighter. Here, a lot of things turn out not to be what they saw at first.

Summary: Interesting strong core idea and some original stylistic discoveries that redeems both moderate pessimism, and a bit stereotyped image of the future, and even an overly open final.

Andy Weier «The Martian»

Plot: Botanist Mark Watney, a member of the Martian expedition "Ares-3", during a storm accidentally remains on the Red Planet in proud solitude. And let him inherit all the supplies intended for the expedition, - until the arrival of the next mission this is not enough for any scenario. Watney can either fold his arms and go to the forefathers, or turn on his “gray cells” and try to survive.

Interesting: The book is full of confidence in people, which Weier generously shares with the reader. Almost all the characters are smart, talented and, even when making controversial decisions, are guided by good intentions.

Summary: An optimistic hymn to science and the power of the human mind. By the way, according to rumors, the novel fairly increased the competition for technical and biological specialties in American universities.

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