The Most Important Strategies that Will Help You to Win While Betting

If you want to win when betting on Cybersport disciplines, you should follow the strategies below. Check them and you will be able to have a clear picture of how everything works in eSports.

Strategy number 1: The absence of any representative basis greatly reduces the chances of winning. In CS: GO, Dota 2 and LoL, the top five players train up to 14 hours a day, spend a lot of time together on bootcamps and know each other's abilities very well. As soon as changes occur in a single organism, the level of team play and synergy decreases, the number of errors increases and the results rapidly go down. Therefore, order beats the class. A medium-sized team played has excellent chances to beat a random stack of top players.

Strategy number 2: Teams are sparring in a locked lobby. There is an unspoken rule about non-disclosure of what is happening in such games. There have already been cases when, after a clanwar, a screenshot tweet where team peaks were visible led to a big scandal. Bettor and bookmaker have the same input to the e-sports match, which equalizes the chances, and if you have insider information you can get decisive advantages.

Strategy number 3: When there is almost no information about the teams, it is not easy to set odds that accurately reflect the chances of winning, so there is often a heap of value-rates on the fresh line. If in football, the coefficient swings from 2.0 to 1.7, then this is considered a huge drawdown and something extremely unusual. In our own sport, it often happens that the favorite in a fresh line by the start of a match is an outsider with chances of winning around 2.5.

For people, who are experts in betting on E-sport , this is a great gift. If the bettor has a rough understanding of the level of the majority of players in his head, then in the fresh line it is easy to isolate the undervalued and overvalued teams and pick up their favorites for excellent odds.

Strategy number 4: If bookmakers do not always set Prematch odds correctly, then what about live? Even in football in non-top leagues, inexperienced livelivers often make serious mistakes, and in case of a poor study of missteps, even more. Do you understand what stage of the game is the peak in Dota 2 and LoL, or do you know which group is best played by the team in CS: GO? Feel free to grab live betting, catch fat ratios and punish bookmakers for mistakes.

Follow the strategies above and increase your chances to win.