Things You Should Keep in Mind Playing Online Games

Not all games of the strategic genre show grand battles or ecumenical construction projects. Some of them are devoted to the management of small groups, or even a couple of people. Such games call for thinking through short-term solutions to situations, but they have no less depth of gameplay than RTS or global strategies.

Analysis of Personal Meetings of Specific Opponents

Sometimes, a huge gap in many components between rivals is compensated by only one - a very uncomfortable style of play for the underdog against a specific player or team. At times, this may cause significant inconvenience to the favorite, so this factor should not be neglected.

Before you make a bet on, you should pay attention to how important a specific meeting is for opponents. For one, it can be a match of life and death: for the second, the upcoming game will not solve anything at all. The answer to the question “Who will put more effort?” is obvious. The circumstances can be very different: from the importance of the meeting, to the tournament workload and cash rewards. In any case, leaving such an aspect unattended is a bad idea.

Place Also Matters

Perhaps, it is closely intertwined with moral stability. How many players, showing good results from the “comfort zone” - a computer at home, came to a major tournament and failed? Of course, there are also reverse examples, but this happens much less often. In addition, no one has canceled the support of fans in the home arena.

CSGO Is One of the Most Popular Games

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - one of the most popular e-sports games. Due to its long history and past games of the series, CS: GO attracts not only schoolchildren and students, but also gamers over 30 and older. Check tips for CSGO to become a professional player.

There are many tournaments, leagues and championships. The main one is considered World Electronic Sports Games. In 2017, its prize fund was $ 1.5 million. In addition to it, the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship stand out from the major championships, where they play half a million dollars. Do not forget about the European e-sports league Electronic Sports League, SL i-League StarSeries, ELEAGUE Major and dozens of small sponsorship leagues.

In this article, we have considered only the main, common factors for all eSports disciplines. If you are interested in the more detailed eSports guide, check it here.