Work in the Sphere of Cybersports: What Is Needed?

Without a doubt, eSports quickly conquered the game industry. Every year, the general audience in e-sports is growing, all new contests are emerging and prize pools are increasing. With the current growth trajectory, the economy of e-sports will reach a size of $ 1.4 billion by 2020. In turn, the development of the market means the emergence of new eSports career opportunities. Some of them are directly related to gaming, while others are focused on business or marketing component. Let's consider the best work for career development, and also help you decide on the most suitable option.

A Professional Player Is the Choice № 1!

The career of a professional player is the most attractive in the e-sports industry. Well, who would have refused to make money playing favorite games with at a prestigious level? Professional players regularly receive a salary, directly dependent on their chosen team. Unfortunately, professional teams do not disclose accurate information about the amount of remuneration. However, it is known that tournaments and streams remain an additional and no less important source of income for cybersports. For example, the OG team at DotA 2 for the first place in the International 2018 received $ 11,234,158. Stream is also very profitable - a subscription to the channel on Twitch costs $ 4.99, and the streamer, in turn, receives half of this amount for each subscriber.

How can a beginner cyber sportsman start climbing a career ladder? In addition to the obvious enthusiasm for games and a very high level of skill, it is important that a potential player is noticed by the cybersport organizations. Usually, professionals begin in amateur or small tournaments to prove themselves, well, or actively conduct streams on the appropriate platforms. It seems and sounds easy but it is important to understand that not everyone can reach the top, so the key is the ability to correctly identify themselves among the rest.

A Game Commentator Is a Great Option to Consider

Another work in the e-sports industry worthy of attention is a game commentator. His tasks include commenting on live matches, highlighting key points of the game, pre-post-match analysis, and sometimes they even manage to interview professional players. Doing this is really cool and exciting, with an average salary of $ 62,000 a year.

In order to be realized as a commentator, it is necessary to have an exhaustive knowledge of at least one e-sports discipline (the more the better) and self-possessing excellent communication skills and analytical abilities. To get this work, it's enough that you are noticed, as in the case with professional gaming. It's really important to get connections. Alternatively, you can contact the tournament organizers and offer help with commenting. Similarly, you can record how you comment on past matches to demonstrate your skills. It is worth remembering that creativity is the key to success!