Living Like a Thai Day 4: Pee Baa Falang

Living like a Thai has it’s perks mmm

I’ve received enough e-mails by now that I am assured by consensus that I am not living like a Thai. Ya think? I know I am not really living as a Thai would but it was a good title for the series so I’m keeping it.

It’s bad enough falang think I’m crazy for trying this experiment but now one of the condo’s cleaning ladies thinks I’m insane as well. This particular cleaning lady likes me as I collect all of my plastic bottles for her and her friends…I usually give her a big plastic bag full once or twice a month. This morning as I was leaving for my normal morning constitutional I spotted my cleaning lady and she was holding a freshly emptied water jug. I said my hellos and then politely asked if I might have the water jug. Well, what could she say but sure as I’ve kept her in plastic for months.

So, I go out for my normal walk and buy some fresh pineapple for breakfast at 20 baht ( $.68 ) and then when I get home I figure I’ll take my two empty jugs to the water station. As I left the condo the cleaning ladies were watching me wondering what the hell I was up to. Luckily I found a new water station just up the street from me, I never saw it before because it’s hidden in a small shop. 10 baht ( $.32 )later I have 2 full jugs and I’m heading home. I heard the one cleaning lady say in Thai as I walked in the condo lobby ” why he not buy water at 7/11 like all the other falang?” I could have sworn I heard a pee baa ( crazy ) after that but I could be mistaken.

I ended up working on the website most of the day cleaning up backend stuff and forgot about lunch but made sure to hit the roadside restaurants near me for a delicious bowl of dinner and at 30 baht ( $1.02 ) it was priced just right.

Seeing as I had a bit of rum stashed away from before the start of the experiment and I’ve been doing so well I stopped by 7/11 and treated myself to a medium sized bottle of coke for 24 baht ( $.81 ) Tonight I am going to enjoy an alcoholic beverage with my nasty Thai cigarettes :P

Observations today: I’m starting not to think about food until I am actually hungry which is how it should be. I think this little experiment will not only help me to realize that I don’t need to spend more on most items I think it will help me get into shape as well.

Purchase Amount Cost Total
Fruit 1 20 baht 20 baht
Water re-fill 2 5 baht 10 baht
Dinner 1 30 baht 30 Baht
Coke 1 medium bottle 24 baht 24 baht
84 baht ( $2.86 )
June Total 557 baht ( $18.96 )

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    4 thoughts on “LK Renaissance Hotel in Pattaya

    1. Talen it looks very nice and you certainly got a good deal.

      I guess there is a fair bit of competition in Pattaya making it somewhat of a buyers market.

      BTW I tried the link to the web site-nice front page but no other info-Do you know if they have a hotel in Bangkok?

      .-= Mike´s last blog ..Made in Thailand =-.

    2. Great photos Talen. And interesting writeup. I’ll be sure to send uests that way when they decide to head to Pattaya (I have people arriving soon).

      Odd how it’s cheaper to make hotel reservations on the internet in Thailand. Several times I’ve stopped off at a hotel, then backed out to go to a nearby cybercafe to make a booking.

      The staff at the counter know I’m doing it, which makes it even sillier. They may have public prices in place, but they also have wiggle-room when it comes to the final price.

      .-= Catherine´s last blog ..Book Review: Language is Music =-.

    3. Pattaya does have some real good value hotels when compared to other less tourist active cities. The hotel we stay at in Udon Thani is 900 baht a night but for that price you could get a much better hotel in Pattaya. I have pencilled in the LK for my Pattaya trip next year and if I go for it I’ll definitely book through Agoda.

      .-= Martyn´s last blog ..Thailand Blogs – June 09 Review =-.

    4. Nice write up. The LK Renissance is a great hotel. I had the same issue with the small room not having a stand up shower, and the shower head being hand held variety. Other than that it is great, and a good location.

      A friend recommended another LK Hotel – can’t remember the name off hand – for great rates on a long stay. It is a little further back off third road.

      .-= Pattaya Pete´s last blog ..Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens | Pattaya Thailand =-.

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