Pattaya International Music Festival 2012

Pattaya International Music Festival 2012

Pattaya International Music Festival 2012

April 27, 28 & 29

It’s that time of year again for the Pattaya International Music Festival; taking place all along Beach road starting the weekend of April 27th and going through the 29th. With the crowds of  Songkran still fresh in our memories, Pattaya will hurriedly reading itself for thousands of music lovers. Over a half a million people are expected this year!

The festivities will begin at 6pm each day and go straight through midnight with stages strategically placed all along Beach road featuring reggae, rock, hip hop, pop, blues and many other forms of music to be enjoyed. The Pattaya Music Festival will be a place where Thai and foreign artists come together, entertain audiences, show their musical talents, and promote ecotourism activities. As well there will be hundreds of food stalls and products from all over Thailand on sale through OTOP.

While there will be many stages both large and small the 4 main stages will be the Galaxy Stage located   Bali Hai Pier, Moon Stage on Pattaya Soi 4 and Beach road, Universal Stage at Central Pattaya and Reggae Stage at South Pattaya.

There will be a number of famous Thai artists who have agreed to participate in the festival; such as, Da Endorphine, Golf-Mike, Potato, Palaphol, Calories Blah Blah, Paradox, Chin Chinawut, Ice Sarunyu, Namcha, Noona Nuengtida, Ge-on, New-Jew, Aof Pongsak, Punch, Sweet Mullet, Ruj The Star, Singto The Star, Pek Palichoke, Blackhead, Bie The Star, Got Chakapun, Tai Oratai, P Sadirt, The Richman Toy, Modern Dog, etc.

Foreign artists who will participate include: A.B.C-Z, Kis-My_ft2, B.I.Shadow and Qestion from Johnny’s Junior from Japan, Derrick Hoh from Singapore, Super Kidz from Indonesia, PAK from Vietnam, Will Ng from Malaysia, Nina from Philippines; Tik Princess from Lao PDR and Rain from Korea.

The Pattaya International Music Festival has been a huge success over the past few years and this years festival is shaping up to be a great one as well. aIf you are in town this weekend make sure not to miss it!

Pattaya International Music Festival Schedule

Pattaya international music festival Friday 27th

Pattaya international music festival Saturday 28th

Pattaya international music festival Sunday 29th

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